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3rd Annual WIFT Austin Member Showcase

  • 5 Sep 2023
  • 6:30 PM - 9:00 PM
  • AFS Cinema, 6259 Middle Fiskville Rd, Austin, TX 78752
  • 31


  • Only available for official Community Partners

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We are excited for the 3rd Annual Women In Film & Television Austin Member Showcase!

We have rounded up the best and brightest works created by our very own WIFT Austin members to screen for one night only. Come enjoy a variety of visual experiences while supporting local film & media makers— maybe you’ll meet folks who could help your next project come to life!


We have an amazing lineup!

Bouquet Toss (Short Film / Comedy Sketch) - A bouquet toss becomes as competitive as a football game.

Where The Stars Are (Feature Film Trailer - Romantic Comedy) - After meeting at a college party, Jane Liang, a pre-med major, and Derek Wu, a computer engineering student, learn about their mutual forbidden desire to become artists and dream to reach "where the stars are." Burdened by the expectations of their Asian parents, they soon grow closer and share the pain of their pasts, leading to a tale of love, loss, self-acceptance, and breaking free from parental expectations.

Shame Full (Short Film - Indie Drama) - Traumatized by body shaming during her childhood, a mother struggles to separate her past from her daughter’s present.

I Will Always Protect You (Short Film - Fantasy) - A young woman feeling low, retreats to her safe spot, fully immersing herself into her fantastical imagination and finding her creativity once again.

Spectral Wind (Short Film - Horror / Thriller) - To prove the existence of a paranormal phenomenon, a parapsychologist must convince his psychic wife, who has quit her line of work due to a traumatic experience, to help him one last time.

Broken Home Movies (Short Film - Experimental Avant-Garde ) - An experimental, avant-garde black and white art piece reflecting on the choices of motherhood over the past several decades.

"Moon Over My Shoulder" (James Hearne Official Music Video) - In this music video, James Hearne sings about the daily struggle of working as a musician, and how he finds hope in the simple things, like the "moon over his shoulder," to keep going.

New Me (Web Series, Episode 1 - Dramedy) - A comedic web series that follows Sadie, an inexperienced college freshman, who struggles to find herself because of the pressure social media puts on young women.

Irondragontv (Demo Reel - Action / Martial Arts) - A commercial for the streaming platform highlighting martial arts.

A Thousand Times a Day (Short Film - Drama) - After the tragic loss of her four-year-old son, a woman struggles to forgive her brother who was taking care of him the night of the accident.

The Power of Connection (Doc - Mental Health / Educational) - A film following a 15-year old girl, who’s life is saved with the aid of her mentor- a woman who was incarcerated and has since made it her mission to help young women in need.

The Importance of Sex Education (Short Film - Comedy) - In 1975, a preteen tries to unravel the mysteries of sex ed.

Cryptic Love (Short Film - Comedy) - Some feelings are fungible.

The Devil Inside Me (Short Film - Dark Comedy) - A young woman’s concealed desire haunts her in dreams as voices of her past repeat a sinister warning. “Sins of the flesh let the devil inside.” When she chooses pleasure over fear, the devil does come… and so does she.

MEAT (Short Film - Horror) - A girl's eating disorder consumes her entire being.

 "Got Away" (Kady Rain Music Video) - Kady Rain seeks masked Super 8 revenge on her abusive boyfriend at a warehouse party.

Pizza My Heart (Short Film Trailer - Comedy) - A Pizza Telegram Singing Delivery Specialist (PTSD Specialist) delivers comfort food with a song to a heartbroken customer who turns out to be a 12 year old girl.

The Showcase screening will start at 7PM, but feel free to join us as early as 6PM in the AFS lobby for drinks and snacks!

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